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Shandong aosaite Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

Tel:136  5540  9846


Add:No. 3, beiwaihuan East Road, Chengwu County, Shandong Province

Shandong aosaite Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., founded in June 2000, is a wholly-owned enterprise, located in the "hometown of peony" Heze City, Shandong Province, known as "Heze City", is a production enterprise focusing on the manufacturing of blood collection system. The main products are venous blood collection needle, vacuum blood collection vessel, micro blood collection vessel, virus sampling tube, sampling swab, peripheral blood collection needle, arterial blood collection needle, intravenous infusion needle, etc;

The company's organizational structure is the general manager responsibility system, under which there are production department, technology department, quality inspection department, sales department, quality and technical service department, logistics support department, finance department, storage department, procurement department and equipment department. At present, there are more than 50 management, technology and sales employees, more than 400 production employees and a total of about 450 employees; The factory area of the company covers an area of 80 mu, including 12000 square meters of standard purification workshop, 6000 square meters of warehouse, 500 square meters of laboratory, 1000 square meters of sterilization workshop, 4000 square meters of living and office area, and the greening area accounts for 50% of the factory area.

Aosaite regards product quality as the vitality of the enterprise and has established a set of strict internal quality control management system in accordance with international quality standards; The blood collection system products produced meet the international standards of the medical inspection industry, have passed the nmpa production registration certification, ISO13485 quality management system certification and CE international certification, and have become high-quality blood collection products for medical inspection such as blood sample collection, biochemical automatic analysis, immunochemical determination and hematological determination in medical institutions at home and abroad, And rapidly promote the application in the medical field at home and abroad.


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