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Product description of medical nylon flocking sampling swab

2020-10-08 00:00:00

Medical nylon flocking sampling swab is a new product in domestic medical sampling consumables. The nylon flocking sampling swab is composed of a handle, a connecting rod and a sampling head. Long handle is easy to hold, and grip can be adjusted at the same time, suitable for different groups of people. The soft and slender connecting rod can effectively protect the sampled tissue from injury. The sampling head is composed of nylon wool and viscose, which is harmless to human body and microorganisms and can increase the collection and release of sample wood to the greatest extent. The nylon flocking swab, supporting collection tube and transportation tube constitute the sample collection system.

1. The unique jet implantation nylon villus technology increases the collection and release of samples.

2. The total length of the swab is about 15cm, and the ABS rod has a unique breakable design. (at the red line in the figure below)

3. More target analytes can be collected

4. No specimen residue. Accelerate specimen processing.

4. Swabs are sterilized and packaged separately

A large number of clinical trials show that compared with ordinary sterile swabs, nylon flocking swabs have a better effect on the collection and transportation of clinical biological samples, especially for those samples that cannot be submitted for inspection in time and placed for too long.

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