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Discussion on the management method of virus sample collection by virus sampling tube manufacturers

2020-09-27 00:00:00

Flow chart of nasopharyngeal swab samples from suspected New Coronavirus pneumonia patients (see chart 3)

(1) Before operation:

① Article preparation: treatment vehicle, treatment tray, nucleic acid detection kit, patient information bar code, several alcohol gauze, tongue depressor, 1 bottle of quick hand disinfectant, specimen rack, several biosafety sealing bags, infectious medical waste garbage bags.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia: the preparation of specimen collection personnel: see guidelines for the use of common medical protective articles in New Coronavirus infection prevention (Trial). When close contact with suspected or confirmed new crown pneumonia patients, the collection personnel must carry out three level protection (wearing N95 respirator, eye protection mirror, protective screen, protective clothing, gloves, shoe covers or water boots). Standards to ensure safety when collecting specimens.

Preparation for patients: novel coronavirus pneumonia suspected patients produce enormous psychological pressure, to suddenly be isolated, may be infected, and then anger, complain, temper, even abuse, attack others, medical personnel before collecting specimens for patients, we must do a good job of interpretation, and obtain the patient's cooperation.

(2) In operation:

① Open the virus sampling tube, clamp between the left index finger and middle finger, and take the tongue depressor with the index finger and thumb, which is convenient for directly extending the cotton swab into the test tube and breaking it after sampling. There is no need to pick up the test tube again from the desktop, which reduces the possibility of self and surrounding pollution at the front end of the tongue depressor and the front end of the cotton swab.

② After holding all items in hand, inform the patient that there will be discomfort in the sampling process, nausea and vomiting may occur, and try to relax and endure at this time.

③ Ask the patient to pull down the mask, press the tongue with the tongue depressor, quickly bypass the uvula with two cotton swabs and take samples. After taking them out quickly, ask the patient to wear the mask. Put the cotton swab into the disposable virus sampling tube, break it, and quickly tighten the bottle cap.

(3) After operation:

① Highly suspected or diagnosed at home, after sampling, the room shall be disinfected with ultraviolet light for more than 30 minutes, and 75% alcohol shall be sprayed and disinfectant shall be applied at the position contacted by the patient.

② After sampling, ordinary patients can spray alcohol. When self disinfection, ask the nurse to spray alcohol.

③ Disinfect hands repeatedly. For individual highly suspected or basically diagnosed, or severe adverse reactions, protective clothing should be replaced (if medical resources allow). The tongue depressor and gloves after sampling shall be placed separately. If they are placed in the Yellow dustbin in the clinic together with other medical wastes, the virus may overflow from the dustbin during the subsequent opening and closing, resulting in secondary pollution.

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