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Solution of insufficient negative pressure in blood collection vessel

2020-09-11 00:00:00

Venous vacuum blood collection is widely used in clinic because of its simple operation, safety and practicality, and can effectively avoid cross infection. It also makes nurses reduce excessive contact with blood samples in the process of operation. However, due to the different vacuum degree of each vacuum tube, coupled with the external force during transportation, the influence of the environmental temperature of the vacuum tube storage, unskilled vacuum blood collection operation or improper procedures, it can cause insufficient negative pressure in the vacuum tube. This situation is not uncommon in clinic, which has adverse effects on the blood collection operation, such as too little blood collection, sample hemolysis, etc. Since July 2009, our department has adopted a disposable 5 ml syringe to extract the corresponding amount of air from the vacuum tube to deal with the insufficient negative pressure of the vacuum tube, and achieved good results. The report is as follows.

1、 Clinical data

From July 2008 to June 2009, our Department collected 1369 cases of vacuum blood for hospitalized patients. There were 53 cases of insufficient negative pressure in the tube, with an incidence of 3.87%; From July 2009 to June 2010, 1518 cases of vacuum blood collection, 55 cases of insufficient negative pressure in the tube, with an incidence of 3.62%, were set as the observation group.

2、 Method

1. Remedy for insufficient negative pressure

One set of disposable 5 ml syringe was used for blood collection in both groups. When the negative pressure was insufficient, the observation group used a disposable 5 ml syringe to extract the corresponding amount of air in the vacuum tube (insufficient negative pressure) to make the amount of blood samples meet the requirements; The control group took down the two-way connecting pipe, connected the blood sampling needle hose with the needle barrel, extracted the insufficient blood, and then injected it into the tube to supplement the blood volume of the sample.

2. Observation index

The quantity and quality of samples in the two groups were observed. (1) The nursing staff shall check the appearance and quantity of samples, check whether the serum is chylous, whether there is clot in anticoagulant, etc; Whether the specimens of bacterial culture may be contaminated. (2) The laboratory department finds and determines unqualified samples by observing the shape of blood samples, testing and analysis, blood sampling and rechecking, and contacting clinical medical staff. At present, the nursing quality evaluation system has clear technical operation requirements for the link of blood collection, but the final quality of blood samples has not been standardized managed. The laboratory department still carries out the final check according to the inspection professional standards to determine whether the samples are qualified, that is, the unqualified samples are determined by the laboratory department and fed back to the nursing department.

3. Statistical method

Rough test was used to compare the counting data, and the difference was statistically significant (P < 0.05).


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