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Remedial methods and skills of insufficient negative pressure in vacuum collector

2020-09-11 00:00:00

1、 The utility model has the advantages of using a disposable needle barrel to extract the corresponding amount of air in the vacuum tube to deal with the insufficient negative pressure of the vacuum collector

The method used in the control group is more complex, time-consuming, and needs to separate the connector for many times, and multiple suction is easy to cause local hematoma and hemolysis of blood samples, and affect the tightness of the blood collection system; At the same time, when the blood is injected into the tube, because of the uneven speed of hand control, it is easy to cause blood bubbles and haemolysis. Relatively speaking, the method used in the observation group is more convenient to operate without separating the joint, does not affect the continuity and tightness of the blood collection system, and the speed of blood injection into the vacuum tube is balanced, which is not easy to hemolysis. The method of extracting air from the tube by the needle barrel can make the blood automatically enter the blood collection test tube, which can ensure that the blood collector does not contact the blood flow and avoid infection, and the sample is not easy to be polluted, which is more in line with the requirements of nosocomial infection control. According to the blood volume required by the specimen, the negative pressure in the tube can be adjusted. Even if the negative pressure in the tube disappears completely, the vacuum tube can still be used to avoid material waste, blood waste and reduce the psychological burden of patients

2、 Draw out the corresponding amount of air in the vacuum collecting vessel with a disposable needle barrel to deal with the matters needing attention when the vacuum tube is under negative pressure

Before operation, the quality of vacuum blood collection vessel shall be checked. If there is crack or deformation on the pipe wall, it cannot be used. When the syringe needle is inserted into the rubber stopper of the vacuum tube during operation, it shall not be penetrated into the same part with the two-way connecting pipe of the blood collection needle, so as to prevent the syringe needle from being wrapped by the rubber protective sleeve of the blood collection needle and affecting the negative pressure effect. The negative pressure shall be added according to the insufficient sample quantity, and shall not be increased or decreased at will, so as to avoid excessive or insufficient sample quantity. When adding negative pressure, the force should be stable and uniform, which can effectively improve the quality of specimens. In order to prevent the blood collection needle penetrating into the blood vessel from slipping, the needle can be fixed to the skin with adhesive tape in advance. When the specimen is collected, the vacuum tube is slightly tilted, so that the blood flows down the wall of the tube, which reduces the formation of the vortex and produces foam, effectively avoiding hemolysis. For multi tube blood collection, first use the red tube without any anticoagulant, then use the blue tube to collect and measure the coagulation mechanism, then use the test tube with anticoagulant (purple, green and black), and finally collect the Yellow test tube with anticoagulant.

According to statistics, clinical unqualified blood samples account for 9.4% of the whole blood samples; 80% of the clinical feedback unsatisfactory test results can be traced back to the sample quality that does not meet the requirements. Nursing operation technology is an important factor that directly affects the test results. Therefore, in daily nursing work, we should only strengthen the contact and cooperation with the laboratory department and pay attention to link management. Continuous improvement of operation details and continuous quality improvement can effectively improve the quality of specimens and provide a real and reliable basis for medical diagnosis and treatment.


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