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Disposable micro blood collection

2021-09-14 17:11:45
Disposable micro blood collection

Micro blood collection vessels have the following characteristics:

● the butyl rubber plug sealed cover type micro blood collection vessel adopts scientific design concept. The central cross incision at the top of the cover is convenient for the insertion of blood collection vessels. After blood collection, the blood collection vessels are pulled out, and the cross incision is automatically closed to effectively prevent the leakage of blood samples and ensure the safe and reliable transportation.

● the inner wall of the blood collection vessel and the blood storage vessel are treated by special process. The blood sample automatically flows into the bottom of the blood storage vessel through the mouth of the blood collection vessel, without hanging on the wall and damaging blood cells.

It is very easy for anticoagulant of blood samples to avoid the occurrence of micro coagulation and ensure the accuracy of the test results.

● the injection needles of all instruments can be inserted from the central cross notch at the top of the cover for automatic injection. The whole inspection process does not need to open the cover, which is safe and scientific.

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