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Virus sampling tube

2021-09-14 16:56:24
Virus sampling tube

A、 Product Name: disposable virus sampling tube

B、 Scope of application: This product is used for sample collection, transportation and storage.

C、 Main structure and performance this product is mainly composed of sampling tube, cap, swab and preservation solution. It can be used for the detection and processing of virus samples under specified conditions.

D、 The specifications and models are divided into inactivated type and non inactivated type. The specifications are: dvs-1.0, dv-1.5, ds-20, dvs-2.5, dvs-3.0, dvs-3.5, dvs-4.0, ds-5.0, dvs-6.0, ds-7., dvs-8. O, dvs-9.0, ds-10.0, dvs-15.0, dvs-20.0

E、 Contraindications

1. It is prohibited to use if the expiration date is exceeded.

2. It shall be used once and shall not be reused.

3. If the pipe cap falls off or the sampling pipe is damaged, it is prohibited to use.

F、 Method of use

1. Open the package and take out the disposable virus sampling tube.

2. Take the matching swab and take out the sample.

3. Remove the cover of the virus sampling tube, break the swab of the collected sample from the breaking point, then insert the swab head into the preservation solution in time, and tighten the tube cover.

4. Properly place and store the tightened virus sampling tube, and then transport it to the inspection department for inspection within 72 hours.


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