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Peripheral blood sampling needle

2021-09-14 17:13:31
Peripheral blood sampling needle

Product features of peripheral blood collection needle:

1、 Various specifications and wide applications

● the needle tip is sharp, the edge surface is neat and smooth, and the puncture pain is low.

● full automatic production line online image monitoring system, with high product capacity

● various product specifications, 21g-33g, meet the different inspection needs of customers with high, medium and low bleeding volume.

● the sterile steel needle is integrally injected and then sterilized by radiation, so the product is sterile.

2、 Invisible blood collection is convenient and simple

● once used, the needle tip retracts automatically and permanently to avoid accidental acupuncture, which can protect medical staff and patients from accidental injury.

● after removing the cap, align the blood collection port with the blood collection part and gently press it to collect blood. The needle tip is sharp, rapid puncture, sufficient blood collection, small trauma, low pain and fast healing.


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