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Disposable pen holder type blood sampling needle

2021-09-14 16:47:36
Disposable pen holder type blood sampling needle

The product features of disposable pen holder type blood collection needle: hardness and softness, excellent performance, selection of high-quality steel needle, good rigidity and toughness to ensure the reliability of rubber plug puncture needle; The connection of needle base, hose and steel needle is stable and firm; The steel needle is properly matched with the blood blocking sleeve, and there is no leakage after ten consecutive punctures.

Instructions for use: first, clean the venous part to be collected with a sterile cotton swab. After confirming that the package is not damaged, open the package and take out the disposable venous blood sample collection needle. Puncture the venous blood vessel through one end of the blood sample collection needle and the disposable negative pressure blood collection container through the tube plug puncture needle at one end. Automatically collect blood samples according to the principle of negative pressure, After clinical examination, the disposable venous blood sample collection needle will be recovered and destroyed in a centralized manner.

Storage conditions and methods: the product shall be stored 15cm away from the wall and the ground, non-toxic and non corrosive gas, ventilated and transparent, with relative humidity no more than 80%, in a dry, cool and clean environment

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