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Disposable blood collection needle

2021-09-14 17:06:11
Disposable blood collection needle

Features of disposable blood collection needle: breakthrough technology, lower pain, multi inclined design of needle tip, advanced technology grinding, smooth edge and sharp needle tip; High quality lubricant can reduce the resistance caused by puncture and reduce the damage and pain to the skin.

Structure composition: it is composed of rubber sleeve, needle tube at butt end, needle seat, connecting seat, hose, needle handle, needle tube at venipuncture end and protective sleeve at venipuncture end. Among them, rubber sleeve, needle tube at butt end and needle tube at venipuncture end are purchased parts. The rubber sleeve is made of natural rubber, the needle tube at the butt end and the needle tube at the venipuncture end are made of stainless steel, the needle seat and needle handle are made of ABS resin, the connecting seat is made of polyvinyl chloride, the hose is made of polyvinyl chloride soft granular material, and the protective sleeve at the venipuncture end is made of polyethylene resin. The plasticizer of PVC hose adopts DEHP, the lubricant of collecting needle is polydimethylsiloxane, and the product is connected with adhesive (cyclohexanone). The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide and disposable.

Scope of application: medical units collect venous blood samples.

Contraindications: those allergic to natural rubber materials are

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