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Disposable vacuum blood collection vessel

2021-09-14 16:59:36
Disposable vacuum blood collection vessel

A、 The product features of disposable vacuum blood collection: scientific proportion, full anticoagulation; The addition proportion of anticoagulant is accurate, which can better maintain the morphology and composition of blood cells and ensure the quality of samples. The ratio of anticoagulant to blood is very important for accurate test results.

B、 Method of use

1. Select the appropriate type of negative pressure blood collection vessel according to the test items.

2. Place the arm of the blood sampling person downward, select the venipuncture position, fasten the pulse pressing belt, and disinfect the skin in the venipuncture area with appropriate disinfection methods.

C. Unscrew the sheath at the venipuncture end of the intravenous blood collection needle for venipuncture; After seeing the blood return, directly pierce the tube plug of the collection needle (one end of the latex sheath) into the rubber plug in the center of the collection vessel cover, and the blood can automatically flow into the test tube.

D. After enough blood is collected according to the regulations, pull out the tube plug puncture needle (if more than one tube of blood sample is required, just put the tube plug puncture needle into another blood collection vessel). After blood collection, remove the pulse pressing belt, pull out the vein puncture needle and press it locally to stop bleeding.

E. If multi tube blood collection is required, the recommended blood collection sequence when multiple negative pressure blood collection vessels are used:

Ordinary tube - coagulation promoting tube (coagulation promoting tube or separating gel + coagulation promoting tube) - sodium citrate 1:9 tube - anticoagulant tube (sodium citrate 1:4, heparin sodium, heparin lithium, EDTAK2, edtak3, sodium fluoride + edtana2, potassium oxalate + sodium fluoride)

F. During product testing and clinical use, the soft connected blood sampling needle shall be used. When the blood sample rises to the marked nominal capacity scale and filling line, the tube shall be pulled out immediately.

G. If the blood collection volume is insufficient or no blood flows into the blood collection vessel, it is recommended to take the following steps to obtain satisfactory results:

1) Push the blood collection vessel forward to make sure that the rubber plug is penetrated;

2) Adjust the position of the needle in the vein:

3) Change a new blood collecting vessel;

4) If the replaced blood collection vessel cannot collect blood, remove and discard the blood collection needle. Repeat the operation from step 1.

H. When using the negative pressure blood collection vessel containing additives for blood collection, gently pour it up and down for 5-8 times after blood collection to ensure that the content of coagulant or anticoagulant and sample can reach normal distribution, and then place the end with safety phase of the blood collection vessel upright upward.

I. If the blood collection vessel without anticoagulant is used for blood collection, the serum can be centrifuged only after the blood is completely coagulated (generally, the blood collection vessel with coagulant needs to stand upright for 15-30 minutes, and the blood collection vessel without coagulant needs to stand upright for 60-90 minutes). The centrifugation speed is 3500-4000 rpm and the centrifugation time is 5-10 minutes.

J. After blood collection, it shall be sent for examination in time. Generally, the whole blood test shall be completed within 4 hours. Other biochemical or serological test samples shall be separated from serum or plasma for detection as soon as possible. If the determination cannot be completed in time, the samples shall be stored according to the specified temperature.

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