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Disposable blood collection vessel

2021-09-14 17:02:04
Disposable blood collection vessel

A、 Characteristics of disposable blood collection products

High quality and material guarantee; Most of the additives are imported products with stable performance, fast and reliable; High quality glass and pet pipes are used, with good gas barrier and uniform and smooth pipe wall; The medical butyl rubber plug has excellent performance, moderate hardness and softness, and can not shed chips during continuous puncture.

B、 Precautions, warnings and tips

1. Notes before use

1) Only for one-time use and destroyed after use.

2) It is forbidden to use if the safety helmet falls off or opens or the pipe body is damaged.

3) It is prohibited to use beyond the expiration period.

4) If there is foreign matter or sediment in the negative pressure collecting vessel, please do not use it.

5) Due to the dehydration of pet test tube, it is forbidden to use when the volume of liquid additive of sodium citrate tube is lower than the standard value.

6) Medical staff shall wear gloves and other protective equipment during blood sample collection, transmission and analysis to prevent blood from splashing or leaking to the body and avoid blood infection.

2. When using negative pressure blood collection vessel to collect blood, keep the liquid level in the tube lower than the puncture point to prevent blood reflux.

Additives can be contained in the negative pressure collecting vessel, and the possible backflow of blood from the negative pressure tube should be prevented, resulting in adverse reactions of patients. In order to ensure that the blood does not return, pay attention to the following points:

1) Place the blood collector's arm down.

2) Keep one end of the negative pressure blood collection tube cap in an upward position.

3) When blood begins to enter the blood collection vessel, immediately loosen the pressure pulse belt.

4) When collecting blood samples, ensure that the additives do not contact with the rubber plug and one end of the puncture needle of the tube plug of the blood collection needle.

C. For use in high altitude areas, please use special pipes for high altitude areas.

D. In the process of product position measurement and blood sample collection, pull out the tube when the collected sample rises to the mark marking the nominal liquid volume scale and the position of the filling line.

E. According to the clinical needs of customers, the products with special specifications are customized according to the contract, and the product testing and clinical use refer to the contract requirements.

F. Description of limitations of blood collection vessels.

The blood collection volume of disposable negative pressure blood collection vessel will vary with altitude, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, time from validity, venous pressure, puncture point, blood viscosity and blood collection methods. Pay attention to the blood collection sequence and altitude requirements during blood sample collection

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