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Disposable virus sampling tube

2021-09-14 16:53:31
Disposable virus sampling tube

I、 Precautions for use of disposable virus sampling tube

1. Wear gloves, protective clothing, protective goggles and other personal protective equipment when collecting, operating and handling specimens to avoid splashing and leakage of specimens and exposure to potential pathogens

2 all samples and instruments with biological hazards shall be disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures, and discarded into the designated medical object collection container as required

3. This product is only used for preservation during in vitro transportation after sample collection. It is only for one-time use and does not have culture function (< 72). It should not be used if the package is damaged.

4. After use, the waste shall be disposed of according to the regulations of the hospital or environmental protection department

5. Read the manual carefully before use and use it within the validity period.

6. If it is found that the preservation solution is turbid, discolored or dry before use, it shall not be used.

II、 Warning and prevention: it is forbidden to use when the package is damaged, foreign matters, leakage, storage solution is turbid and beyond the validity period.


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