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Disposable vacuum blood collection

2021-09-14 17:04:03
Disposable vacuum blood collection

Features of disposable vacuum blood collection products: serum detection, comprehensive coverage; The coagulant native to Japan promotes the activation of platelets and coagulation factors and accelerates blood coagulation; Ponding high-quality inert separation glue has high density, is not easy to float oil, has higher yield stress, is less sensitive to temperature, and reduces the requirements of storage conditions.

Production license No.: lsyjx No. 20120084

Registration Certificate No.: lxzz: 20172410312

Product technical requirements: lxzz 20172410312

Main structure and performance: the product is composed of test tube, pipe plug and pipe cap. The blood collection vessel may contain additives: EDTA, sodium citrate, coagulant, heparin sodium, heparin lithium, potassium oxalate, sodium fluoride, sodium fluoride + edtana2, coagulant + separation gel.

After the effective sterilization process, the interior and contents of the blood collection vessel with sterility requirements shall be sterile

Scope of application: disposable negative pressure blood collection vessel is used together with venous blood collection needle for clinical venous blood sample collection.

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