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Venous blood collection needle

2021-09-14 16:46:23
Venous blood collection needle

I、 Advantages of venous blood collection needle products

1. The cutting edge, length and angle of the needle are suitable for venipuncture. The cutting edge is very smooth, and the patient's discomfort and residual pain after sampling are mild.

2. The inner wall of the needle tube is very smooth, so as to improve the blood collection speed and avoid the fragile blood cells from being adsorbed or damaged during rapid passage, so as to reduce the damage of blood cells. Ultra thin needle wall can greatly reduce the tissue trauma caused by puncture, reduce the infiltration of tissue fluid and improve the quality of specimens.

3. The rubber sleeve on the side of the two-way needle and soft needle close to the collecting vessel can withstand 100 penetrations without liquid leakage. It can realize one-time venipuncture to collect multi tube specimens, and ensure the safety of venipuncture on the premise of reducing the pain of patients and the workload of medical personnel.

II、 Method of use

1. Tear off the small package of the blood collection needle, take out the blood collection needle, remove the protective sleeve of the blood collection needle, and then stab it into the vein (see blood return);

2. Insert the bottle stopper puncture needle into the vacuum tube together with the latex tube sheath; The preset vacuum in the tube can flow the required amount of blood into the tube, and the blood collection can also be controlled according to the scale value of the tube wall;

3. When multi tube blood collection is required, that is, after one tube is collected, pull out the bottle and puncture the needle into another vacuum tube. Repeat the operation so that one needle can take multi tube blood.

III、 Product scope of application

The product is used in conjunction with disposable vacuum blood collection vessels for the inspection of blood samples collected from human veins

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